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The Changing Work Environment

New styles and trends for the workplace are emerging more quickly with a shifting workforce. Some predictions have Millennials taking over the workplace by 2025. This rapid shift of workers comes with a rapid shift of workspace preferences and styles. Recent years have given way to new and exciting workplaces. Here, we will talk about some of the trending workplace styles and designs that come along with these rapid changes. Natural A younger generation of millennials values natural elements in their workplace. Companies are now installing windows and a variety of plants to  utilize natural sunlight and bring a sense of the outside world into the workplace . Create your own company garden for your employees to promote responsibility and an even greater sense of welcoming. Amenities Amenities are the key to  keeping your team happy and healthy in their workspace . Companies are beginning to incorporate a snack bar for their employees packed with snacks that the employees th

The Skills Needed to be a Great Recruiter

With the job market as hot as it is right now, more and more companies are turning to internal and external recruiters to help find top-talent. With this increased demand in the workforce, there has been a trickle down effect and colleges and universities have seen an uptick in students declaring HR as their major.  According to data collected by Payscale , the average salary for a recruiter is just over $47,000 a year, an attractive career choice for young professionals. A major draw for those considering enter the recruiting field are the skills that can be easily transferred into sales or account management positions. For professionals considering entering the recruiting field, keep in mind the following qualities that will be required to succeed and have an impact. Strong Sales Skills Understanding people and what motivates them is a critical skill for any recruiter. You will be working with a variety of individuals, with many different types of personalities and challen

Recruiting Challenges for Human Resources

As a Human Resources professional, one of the most difficult parts of the job is to keep the business staffed with quality employees. If your business has a high turnover rate, it becomes even more difficult to not only hire quality employees but also to fill what seems like a never-ending lack of staff. This article will talk about some of the challenges Human Resources professionals face when it comes to recruiting and hiring employees. Quality of Candidates Arguably the most difficult and frustrating aspect of recruiting in HR is the quality of candidates who are interested in the job.  Many top candidates are picked up quickly in today’s job market and can be difficult to attract them to your company. HR professionals may use incentives to help persuade high-quality candidates to transition to their own company. Some companies may not have the resources to attract the right people for a position so instead, they settle for less and hire someone just to fill in the spot tha

Creating a Welcoming Environment for Your Employees

In the business industry, it is commonplace to hear companies say things like “the customer is always right” due to the notion that consumers are the backbone and driving force of all things business. While a business cannot thrive without clients, a company cannot be a business without employees. Creating a positive and welcoming environment for employees enables companies to reduce their turnover rates and increase productivity. Use these four tips to keep your employees happy and performing at peak levels. Create A Welcoming Strategy One of the best ways to create a welcoming environment for employees is by beginning their employment with a robust company welcome. Discuss current culture and office strategies to look for new and unique ways to greet new employees. For example, on the morning of the employee’s first day, plan time for a “welcome breakfast or lunch.” This will allow current employees to meet and introduce themselves to the new hires. This also allows the new

Boost Your Creativity As An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur requires you to have a consistent creative flow. Not only do you have to create an original idea but another part of the creative process is to innovate your product or service. Entrepreneurs have to be thinking about how they can make their product better for their customer which takes an enormous amount of time and creativity. If you are feeling stumped or drawing a blank trying to come up with a new creative idea, try these tactics to get your mind churning again for the next big thing. Step Away From The Screen Sometimes the best way to help your creativity is to take a break from your computer screen and focus on other things. Take a break from the office for a bit and  go out and grab some coffee and a book to read . New scenery will help you relax and reset, so you are fresh with new ideas. Include Other People Another great way to get over your creative block is to surround yourself with people who have varying opinions on what you are doing.

Fashion in the Workplace

On April 28th, Chantal “Taly” Russell was invited to be a keynote speaker at New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York highlighting appropriate professional attire in various workplaces. Alongside a few other noteworthy industry professionals, Taly Russell spoke broadly about the changing work environment and how dressing appropriately for individual working cultures is playing an ever increasing role in overall professionalism. Among the many topics that were covered during the conference below are some of the most important takeaways about fashion in the workplace. Dress Codes Vary Each industry has their own set of rules of what they deem appropriate in the workplace. Administrative professionals or client-facing careers require employees to dress more professionally than jobs that are absent of face-to-face client interaction. A vital piece of information to learn is the company dress code. Once you understand the parameters of your company’s dres