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Niche Recruiting

Some people think that recruiting professionals all falls under the same type of recruitment strategy. The truth is that traditional recruiting and niche recruiting are very different and require different tactics to perform each effectively. In this article we will explain the subtle but important difference of traditional and niche recruiting as well as highlight ways to use niche recruiting effectively. Traditional & Niche Traditional recruiting can mean a few things such as how people go about trying to recruit people. For this article we will refer to traditional recruiting as the goal of filling as many jobs as possible with employees. With traditional recruiting recruiters are usually working with a mass amount of applicants  to fill many different open positions in various industries.  Many of the open jobs recruiters are trying to fill do not require a lot of interviewing or in-depth processes to hire individuals. Niche recruiting is different in the aspect of h

Incorporating Performance-Based Hiring

  Performance-based hiring was coined by Lou Adler of the Adler Group. Performance-based hiring can be a beneficial alternative to traditional styles of hiring if utilized properly. There are a few ways to utilize performance-based hiring to benefit you and your team in the long-run. Here we will talk about what performance-based hiring is and how you can use it to find the best team possible for your organization. Definition A way to look at performance-based hiring is to think about the traditional form of hiring. Recruiters will released a job opening with a description of the job and it;’s duties. Included in the job description will be requirements such as five plus years of sales experience or manager experience among other things. Recruiters will then hire someone who fits that matches those requirements and interviews well during the interview process. Performance-based hiring uses  how someone performs at a job as a measurement of hiring someone . A performance-base

Learning To Listen

In almost any situation in life, whether it be personal or professional, There will be times where you will have to listen, and listen actively. Actively listening is different than just listening. Actively listening to someone means you are fully engaged in the what is being said and understanding the points that are being said to you.  Active listening is a crucial skill to have  in all aspects of life. It’s important to evaluate how you listen to other people and hone your skill of active listening so that you can take in and learn as much as possible from every conversation. Skills To Develop Learning to be engaged in listening requires using certain skills. Among these skills includes learning to concentrate on what a person is saying. Other skills that go along with active listening are to be open to different interpretations of topics being discussed. Acknowledge your biases on certain topics and try and understand where another person may be coming from if they express

How To Pitch Your Projects Effectively

Pitching any idea can be difficult especially if you have had no prior experience. Whether you are pitching an idea to your boss or pitching your company to a group of investors, learning how to do it effectively can make a significant difference. When it comes to pitching an idea, preparation is everything. This article will give you some tips on preparing your pitch for an idea whether it be for your friends, colleagues, or investors. Straight To The Point An elevator pitch is a great example of how to effectively pitch your idea to anyone. If you are trying to spark the interest of your boss or investors about your idea preparing a elevator pitch is a great way to do just that.  An elevator pitch is a short, persuasive pitch  used to grab the interest of the person or persons listening to it. You want the people listening to be able to completely grasp the concept of your idea in a relatively short amount of time. Relay all information necessary to pique interest to the lis