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Teaching A Young Generation of Entrepreneurs

Image There’s a common narrative surrounding America’s most successful business people that charts their singular and self-driven journey from a nobody to an industry leader. And while that may be in some ways a romantic notion, the truth is more complicated, and more inspiring. Success doesn’t come from raw talent alone, and it takes a village to create a true entrepreneur. That’s why it’s important to make the skills of entrepreneurship a fundamental part of our education system. By Example The notion of the self-made millionaire driven by raw talent and genius is an overly simplified one. Teaching children the value of entrepreneurial spirit means teaching them about the hard work and challenges that are part and parcel of that lifestyle. That means showing them not just the highs but also the lows. Our struggles define us far more than our successes, and letting your child know that failure is both instructive and necessary can help them  develop the self-confide

Investing In Quality Sleep Time for The Best ROI

Image Our society places a lot of value on hard work and long hours, especially in the business world. While it certainly seems admirable to forego sleep in order to keep a business afloat,  that lack of sleep might be hurting your bottom line . People need to get enough sleep in order to function, yet far too many entrepreneurs think of eight hours of sleep as eight hours of missed work. If this describes your way of thinking, here are just a few reasons why a good night’s sleep is a better ROI than anything you can do at the office. Sleep Keeps You Healthy When we say that people need sleep to function, we mean it.  One study by the Sleep Foundation  has shown that people who get only six hours of sleep for two weeks straight perform as poorly on cognitive and motor tasks as those who have gone two days without any sleep. On top of that, the cumulative effects of not getting enough sleep can impact the heart, lungs, kidneys, and even a person’s weight. In extreme c

Building Consumer Confidence In Your Brand

Image In any new business, building confidence in the brand is a must. Building trust is not always an easy task, and there are many different strategies that may not work for different businesses. A business needs its customers to exist and be active with the brand to become successful. How can a brand build confidence for customers without operating at a loss or waiting for the trust to build on its own? The first step in building confidence in a brand is to have a face (or faces) behind the brand. People trust other people so being interactive with your customers is essential. Strive to have a superb customer support base and your customers will soon be able to rely on you and your brand. Here are some more tips and ideas for  building brand confidence  among consumers. Be the Customer In business, a company should be its own best customer. Any successful organization has undoubtedly put itself in the consumer’s shoes and built a brand around what they would w