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Building a Positive Company Culture

Building a Positive Company Culture It has been proven time and again that  happy employees  make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line. Joyful employees are statistically up to 20% more productive, with the sales industry showing an even greater impact of 37%. Today’s job hunters don’t just look for placement, they also research employee reviews of businesses and look at published listings of “best places to work”. From the recruitment stage all the way to employee morale and performance, a happy team is crucial to the success of a business. People tend to stay longer, collaborate more and feel less stressed in a happy work environment. A positive company culture is described as an environment where every team member feels engaged and motivated and  valued . Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, there are inexpensive ways to build a positive foundation for your workers. The most important thing is to let your employees see you putting in e

Starting Your Second Business

Starting Your Second Business Some people who find success being entrepreneurs eventually get to a point where they start considering a second business venture. While it can be hard to know whether a second business is ever a good decision, there are a few signs to help you determine whether now is a good time to move forward. The two main reasons for starting a second business is that you’ve  either identified another need in the marketplace that you want to fill, or you want to expand on an existing idea through diversification. Either way, it’s important to first do your research about any existing patents and competition before donating your hard-earned time and money towards a cause. Be cautious about people approaching you about the “next great thing”, since established business owners can be a potential target for scams. After you finish your  exploratory  phase, the next way to tell if you’re ready to begin a second startup is to assess whether you can keep yo

Mastering the Job Fair as a Company

Mastering the Job Fair as a Company Potential job candidates aren’t the only people who get nervous at job fairs. On the other side of the table, there are also eager potential employers who have to compete with other booths for all the passing talent. If you are a company, setting up a job fair station can be very stressful, but there are a  few basic rules  to follow in order to attract plenty of attractive employees. Research ahead of time where the job fair will be happening and who the attendees will be. Different demographics will require different approaches because their wants and needs will differ. Decisions about things like handouts, decorations and giveaways will all be affected, as well as who your staff will be. For example, if your audience will be college students, then you’ll want to research exactly what majors will be attending and whether they are seeking full-time jobs vs internships. If the general public will be attending, that will change your en

How Branding Is Important for Recruitment

How Branding Is Important for Recruitment The term  branding  is used to describe how a company becomes a household name or stands out from its competition. It provides an easily identifiable way for consumers and employees to familiarize themselves with a company through consistent, positive exposure. It begins with a mission statement and systematically trickles down to everything about a company, from its logo design to its social media presence to its word of mouth reputation. When trying to find top talent for your company, your branding reputation is going to go a long way towards beating out your competitors. Every company wants to be seen as a  great place to work , but it isn’t just applicants who are being googled anymore — people on both sides of the job market fence should assume that they are going to be thoroughly investigated. Just like businesses will spend time researching potential candidates, job hunters will spend hours studying company review site